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I've never written a blog before.  So. here goes.  Today was a productive, but kind of lonely day.  I got up early, made 4 loaves of chocolate chip banana bread and 28 banana/chocolate muffins to give out as Christmas presents because I'm too broke to buy everyone something.  I kind of resent Christmas because I'm broke.  At first, I thought it was because of what a consumer infested hellish commercial-monster it's become, but if I dig deep and really look at myself, it's because I'm broke.  I intermittently baked, watched Star Trek and did dishes for about 4 hours.

Since I woke up so early, I got sleepy and lay down for what I assumed would be a short to nonexistent nap (I'm a notoriously bad napper and usually just fade in and out of consciousness for a few minutes, give up and get out of bed), but instead, I passed out for over two hours.  I dreamed that my job (an office job) had become a restaurant that served big, Brazilian dishes of potato-ish stuff.  I awoke groggy but rested

After my nap, I felt a little lonely, so I went over to my mothers. We watched Christmas Simpsons specials, smoked pot, ate turkey, stuffing, banana bread, cookies, drank coffee and laughed. It was nice.  I texted my boyfriend R to tell him that I might be going out with a guy on Christmas Eve night.  The guy just fb friend requested me and grew up in my hometown.  He said he'd been strongly influenced by my father's art and that he'd love to see my mom again.  He then said "maybe we can go get a drink".  He's very cute, but I'm not feeling getting involved with someone.  I have two wonderful boyfriends and I'm feeling winter depression and I've eaten enough desserts in the past two or three weeks that I feel chubby and undesirable. 

I'm home now, feeling sleepy and looking forward to to work tomorrow.  I can do a task at my own pace... the office will be mostly empty.  I can play around online and I have plenty to do.  It'll be a relaxing day.  Maybe I'll get up the courage to head to the gym before work. 

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